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Do you loveto makeothers feelAMAZING?

This opportunity is for you if...

  • you always tell the truth

  • you can't STAND being late or missing work

  • you LOVE working hard to serve others

  • you believe work should be more than just a place to trade your time for a couple bucks

  • you aren't afraid of hard work, and think being a CLEANER is AWESOME

  • you love being recognized for going above and beyond

  • you treat others how you want to be treated

If you're fired up andready to go,read on for the fine print!

This position is a GREAT fit for you if...

  • you love to be a TEAM player

  • you love reliability and HONESTY in others

  • you consider the needs of OTHERS

  • you are willing to do HARD things with a POSITIVE attitude

  • you take showing up ON TIME (every time) seriously

Still readingand Excited?

We have a LIMITED number of openings for people like YOU!

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Cleaning the Bathroom

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