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We are Joel and Jessica Smith, and we have been working together for more than 20 years. We got our start in cleaning when we professionally cleaned buildings that belonged to a private school. Since those early days, our adventures have taken us from Minnesota to Alaska, Wisconsin, and Montana. Over the last two decades, we have have cleaned mostly on a volunteer basis when the opportunity presented itself, but our primary focus has been to keep our own household clean and sanitary, while maintaining sanity in our wonderful and large family.

We are excited to be serving Dillon, Montana!

  • Pay Dirt Cleaning

A bit about our journey toward non-toxic cleaning

A number of years ago Jessica began to battle a mystery illness. Diligent research revealed many lifestyle strategies that she has been using to overcome her difficulties; one of her valuable discoveries was the importance of reducing her exposure to toxic chemicals in personal care products and household cleaning supplies. Armed with this knowledge, Jessica has determined to use cleaning products that will clean safely without leaving toxic residues or fumes.



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